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The Journey of B'nai Anusim

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The journey of B’nai Anusim spans almost 4000 years and virtually crosses the entire globe. The journey begins with the wanderings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the ancient land of Israel. It subsequently sails to Spain with the trade adventures of the Phoenicians during the reign of King Solomon. After the Roman dispersion in the first and second centuries, Sepharad (Spain) became a new homeland for numerous Jewish exiles. The Jewish community flourished throughout the entire Iberian Peninsula. They quickly became influential leaders, impacting all facets of society.  In time, the Jews in Spain became the target of increased intolerance and persecution, leading to one of humanity’s darkest hours—the Spanish Inquisition. As a result, many Jews were forced to abandon their faith and heritage to survive the horrors they encountered. The anguishes of this dark era fashioned a people who would become known as B’nai Anusim (a Hebrew term which means children of the forced ones). B'nai Anusim became the compelling force for the discovery and settlement of the Americas. They emerged to become a vital component in the formation of the Latino people and culture.  Tragically, their saga has been mostly hidden or ignored.  Join us as we discover the hidden story of the journey of B’nai Anusim.

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